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Rating: 9

Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

THC: Usually between 15% and 22%.

Appearance: Blue Dream has a blue hue under the light and dense popcorn-like nuggets. The buds are light green and glisten with trichomes and radiant orange pistils.

Smell: Blue Dream has a sweet,zesty and fruity aroma that is delightful to the senses.

Best For Treating:  Stress, Anxiety, PMS, Pain, Appetite, Depression and Migraines

Created Feelings:  Blue Dream hits you with a great full-bodied flavor. Followed by a Euphoric, uplifting and focused high. Blue Dream is great for creativity, a favorite amongst artists.

Duration: Like any strain, the high will vary by quality; usually just around 2 hours.

Similar Strains: Trainwreck, Green Crack and Green Ribbon

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Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid cross of Haze and Blueberry. It has one of the most sought after full-bodied flavors of any strain. Blue Dream’s fragrance is sweet, zesty and invigorating to the senses. It has dense popcorn-like buds that glisten a blue hue under the light, complementing the landscape of trichomes and orange hairs. Buy kush online.

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2 reviews for this item

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    Amazing effect. I’ve been really scattered lately with bouts of depression. Just felt like my mind was being invaded with thoughts. I also suffer with muscle spasms. This strand- has been amazingly effective. My thoughts became very focused, euphoric, my body was no longer in pain. This is an awesome, awesome strain!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    mmmm, loving the uplifting euphoric feeling after a brief lag of nothing…but all very relaxed at the same time…hoping the wave of energy hits right as i’m getting into the pool to do my laps…should be entertaining if not psychedelic. carry on.

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