Nice review. Love the way you sample the goods your reviewing. Give me a real taste of the product.Thanks Skywalk I actually go my stuff as pre agreed

R0bz  From TX

 Enjoyed your review just getting ready to smoke some blackberry kush which just arrive you might I have made up my mind to join me lol. thank you

Messen From NY

I am Really happy , high and smoking ma OG Kush all Thanks Skywalk

Mesurf  From CA

 I really Love White Widow its my favorite. Helps me sleep takes care of my leg spasms, and knocks out any nausea.Thanks Skywalk

Tupe  From OK

So far I got my package, this one is the best for curing insomnia we’ve tried ,  I don’t do pills

Jorge From  NC

When I first opened the package I could smell that lovely herb berry smell. I really enjoyed the flavorful taste of this fine DooBee! Thanks Skywalk Dispensary For been Legit

Girez From TX

It’s got a nice uplift to it. It’s great for depression. The moon rock is super nice skywalk  your 10/10.

Matina  From TN

This strain is good for pain, sting effects, pleasant to smoke, pungent

Goerger  From GA

I now belief 110 % thanks Skywalk Love ya all I got the 1/8 pound

Terry From MN

I just tried little of the Durban Poison and it has already given me well being feeling. I can already tell this will be a great strain. Well Done Skywalk

Hilbert From NC

Hands down the best smell AND the best smoke…..if your looking for a better high that feels different than most highs…..get on the ghost train… stop……Happy Town and they are all awaiting next arrival. CHOOO CHOOOOO!!!!

Fillian From AZ

Gorilla Glue  is great for my anxiety and chronic pain..plain and simple .. I just feel good!!! this will now be my go to from now on.. Just amazing.. if you need to self medicate and just feel better.. try this it will not disappoint. 10/10 Skywalk your the best

Beltina  From IL

Was speechless when I got the stuff delivered I thought this was another scam.lmao literally gorilla-glue has an amazing medicinal properties and an energizing peaceful euphoria.

Kelly Rose From FL

Best delivery service I ever Used!

Johnson  From London,UK

I love this strain! Nice high and eleviates the chronic pain I have. Lasts a long time

Constans From MA

Finaly the Nembutal has arrive, Thanks Skywalk God help us all

Suzan  From AK

Knock out punch death star lol. If you need to be down and out for a while….this is your bud. Woke up very sluggish.

Anotonio From AL

I did not actually got my delivery on time for some reason or so thought it was a scam. but it finally arrive exactly as i ordered a pound , thanks skywalk

Saul From HI

Recently discovered, my new favorite strain as of late. Helps me with depression and stress, providing a boost of energy and an overall uplifting feeling. Looks as great as it smells, smokes even better

Valdez  From TN

It’s the best ever. I got My 1/4 pound

Valdo From HI

It honestly wasn’t my cup of tea but most def does the job!! 6.8 out of 10. Maybe it was the grower not giving this popular strain full love.

Rocky From KY

Must say love the feeling. Thanks Skywalk I can smoke this one for like 2 weeks

Bnyce From OH

Very Good its is the # one

Murillo From UT


Nas From NE

Smoked this in Scotland very strong strain

Dragon From IN

I like this Dispensary and always check to see if it is available for purchase.

Robert From NY

Wife and I love it ! Got clones from Skywalk ! Great for depression and anxiety !!!.Thanks Skywalk I actually go my stuff as pre agreed

Growiowa From WY

This dispensary brought my grandma back to life

Denniston From VT

Im enjoying this strain. Blueberry is one of my fav flavors. Sweet…and well white wiidow hmmm ? Ok..feelin…. smooth.gonna do dishes..for now

Btmnslady From ID

Simply beautiful experience

Alvin  From TN

The blueberry buds  is Sweet!!! Thanks Skywalk

Brandy From GA

Thank God I got the Nembutal

Glassman From Manchester,UK

Plush berry is its mom,white widow its dad.blueberry is its step mom.

Tylrsgarden From TX

Best delivery. I really enjoy the high! Thanks Skywalk

Jus From IL

Thank Skywalk your the best I ever used

Alves  From NY

For your quality review after your got your package delivered please email us via our email below with your Name, State, City, Comment and  Image So we can add to our gallery collection.Thanks 

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