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Jet Fuel Shatter : 3.5g


3.5 grams  for $160

8 grams for $300

1/2 ounce(15grams) for  $550

1 ounce(30grams) for $900





This high-octane strain is a cross between Aspen OG and High Country Diesel, making it a highly sought after sativa-dominant strain. Created by 303 Seeds, this is one of the most-renowned diesel strains available.

Therapeutic Benefits

Jet Fuel Shatter sought after by many with chronic pain, and for alleviating sore muscles or tension after a workout. After the initial jolt of energy, it mellows into relaxation, making it a great option for some in treating insomnia and anxiety.


Jet Fuel Shatter caramel-colored reflective surface is so shiny it appears wet at first glance. This shatter resembles small bits of hardened sugar, broken apart in perfectly isometric pieces.


Like many shatters, Jet Fuel Shatter smell can be fleeting, but upon the initial toke, a fruity aroma fills the air followed by lingering grassy goodness. As the name would suggest, an unmistakable fuel-like scent also permeates.


Unlike the aroma, Jet Fuel Shatter flavor is void of any fuel-like taste. A pleasant citrus burst penetrates the taste buds, trailed by earth undertones that linger on the palette long after exhale.


Prepare for lift-off. Shortly after the first inhale, a pleasant body high relaxed my muscles followed by an energy that was perfectly balanced with relaxation. This has a nice functional effect with minimal grogginess.

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